Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pink Wednesday Featuring...It's So Easy

It's Pink Wednesday and it's time for some nailart using some cracked ice flakies from It's So Easy.  I just did some little experimenting using these on natural nails.  The one I'm using today is Fuchsia green.  I like the name Cracked Ice that's just what they look like...shaving pieces of ice.

It's So Easy Cracked Ice Fuchsia Green

Cracked Ice Fuchsia Green is a beautiful flakie that is fuchsia in color and flashes with multiple colors including green.  The green is not showing here but trust me it's green.

It's So Easy Cracked Ice Fuchsia Green
Jessica Strawberry Shake It
While the polish was still wet I placed the flakies on using an orange stick.  I wet the end of the orange stick with some water and dipped the stick into the pot picking up several pieces of flakie and placed them on the nail gently.   I wanted a backward french style that's why the flakies are packed on.  But, next time I will place them on one at a time so they will lie down. 

It's So Easy Glitter Powder and Cracked Ice
Starting from top left:  Glitter Powders in White and Gold.  The other 4 are Cracked Ice in  Gold Holographic, Silver Holographic,  Mother of Pearl, and Fuchsia Green 

Visit the website at for more information

More nailart to come stay tuned...

It's so Easy products sent for review

 Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)

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