Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Gradient Puzzle Nailart Design

Good Morning,

I'm so excited I received my New! Bundle Monster Stamping set.   I'm loving them, so far I only tried one image and I am very pleased.  The set contains 25 plates #BM-301 thru #BM-325.  I think this set has a good variety of images that should satisfy everyone's taste.

Bundle Monster 2012 Set
Bundle Monster 2012

After yesterdays gradient manicure I wanted to layer it with something and since my new plates came in the mail...hey why not right? :)  I purchased the XL Stamper from ebay it also comes along with 2 plastic scrapers a large one and a small one for $7.50.  Some of the ladies on Facebook were having problems with it but it works fine for me.  If you are having problems look at this video very helpful.  I am in love with this squishy stamper y'all!   I just might like it better then the Magno Nail XL Stamper.

XL Stamper
Squishy XL Stamper

The plate I used is BM-319 the puzzle image with Konad special polish blue.

Gradient Puzzle Nailart Design

The image plate is large enough to cover my long nailbeds....Yay!

Gradient Puzzle Nailart Design

Gradient Puzzle Nailart Design

Tell me what you think? Are you digging the puzzle image?  Did you order your set?  You can purchase them here.

 Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)

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