Friday, 22 June 2012

KKCenterHk Nails Printing Modes Review

I have some fun easy nailart to show you.  Do you want to try nailart but maybe apprehensive or afraid to try it?  Do you even think you suck at it?  Well don't be afraid anymore.  You can give KKCenterHk Nails Printing Modes a try and I'm sure you will be pleased with them.

The nail printing modes are simply nailart stencil stickers you place on your nails and polish over the design remove and you have your awesome design.

KKCenterHk Nails Printing Modes

KKCenterHk Nails Printing Modes

KKCenterHk Nails Printing Modes

As you see here there are different sizes to match the size of your nails.  There are 11 modes in the package.  The instructions are on the back. Make sure your polish is dried thoroughly before applying the modes.  Now, decide which size you need peel off from the backing,  it's sticky so remove some of the stickiness by placing the sticker on your finger to remove some of it.  Place the sticker on the in the position you want press firmly to make sure the mode is flat down.  I had to press down several times because my nails are curved.  If your nails aren't curved you won't that problem.  Now, take your polish and polish right over the design covering well.  Remove the mode immediately and carefully.  Viola! you have your nailart design.

KKCenterHk Nails Printing Modes
Icing Caliente
Icing Caliente a beautiful deep orange/red shimmer

KKCenterHk Nails Printing Modes
SinfulColors Unicorn
SinfulColors Unicorn a gorgeous buttery yellow

KKCenterHk Nails Printing Modes

These can be purchased at KKCenterHk you can get 10% discount with purchase by using my code 'nailsbeautiqued'.  Go check the others out they have some really cute ones.

KKCenterHk product sent for review

 Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)

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