Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Spring and Summer From Deborah Lippmann


Girls Just Want To Have Fun – A smooth, vintage coral that everyone can wear because it’s bold yet velvety – a sort of carefree, creamy coral.

I Know What Boys Like – A creamy periwinkle that credits to both the 80’s and my clients. Several of my clients have asked for interesting blues. This one is a blend of blue and purple with a creamy finish, which gives it a slightly retro look that is so playful and hip.

Lara’s Theme was created with supermodel Lara Stone is Deborah Lippmann’s newest celebrity collaboration. It’s a dare to wear shade of hot-hot orange.

Yellow Brick Road, a sheer mellow yellow with a jelly finish. The proof that it wears beautifully on all skin tones: it complements me and Lady GaGa, who wore it first for her “Born This Way” performance at the 2011 Grammy Awards

Price: $16

Where to find: Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and online at

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Rocking My Pink On Wednesday With Nubar Pink Lily/Dewdrop

It's Hump day! Good Morning,

It's been a busy week for me.  These pictures are a few weeks old .  My nails have grown and are much longer now.  Pink Lily and Dewdrop are from the Nubar Spring Garden Collection. A gorgeous pastel pink that I love.  Dewdrop makes them look sugar coated.  I did a little funky french nailart with dots on thumb nail using konad white special polish and Pink Lily .

Are you rocking a pink today?  Please tell me what are you wearing?

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Illamasqua Bacterium and Gamma Swatches/Review

Good Morning,

Illamasqua has some of the most brilliant nail varnishes that you want to own. The colors are rich and the formula is spectacular.  I have a few to show you from the  "Toxic Nature Collection" Spring 2011

Bacterium:  Pearlescent Ash Ochre, I describe it as a frosty duochrome toffee brown with a flash of purple.  Two coats were used.

Bacterium is a unique color.  It's the first of it's kind in my collection.

Gamma:  Neon Orange,  a bright creme orange that dries matte. Two coats were used.

With Topcoat

What I like about these polishes is the formula.  No problems while applying them.  I would wear Bacterium on a job interview it's a safe color. I can't wait to wear Gamma on my toes.

These 2 and others from this collection is available here

These were sent to me for review

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Friday, 22 April 2011

Sally Hansen Crackles!

I'm ready for some new colored crackles.  What about you?  I got my eyes on the Blue, Gold and Red.  Which ones interest you?

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat

WHAT IT IS: The boldest new nail lacquer effect for nails

WHAT IT DOES: Turns any nail color into nail drama. Crackle your color-it is the simplest way to customize nails- just brush on and create a design that is never the same twice.

Start with your favorite nail color, let it dry and apply one coat of Crackle Overcoat. The crackle effect appears as it dries. Every nail will be different, every nail will be dramatic. Seal with a top coat to maximize the shine and seal the color. The eight shades of Crackle make design options limitless.

THE SHADES: Snow Blast, Vintage Violet, Fractured Foil, Fuchsia Shock, Distressed Denim, Antiqued Gold, Cherry Smash and Ink Splatter

AVAILABLE: June 2011, $5.95 Each

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Go Green Friday! Shimmer and Glitter

(Live Green, Love Green, Think Green)

Happy Friday!
Ulta seems to be clearancing out the LASPLASH nail polishes.  They were marked down from $3.99  to $1.99 so you know I had to grab a few.  This line has lots of pretty pretty colors and glitters.  So, if you see them grab as many as you can.  Today, I have on Tropical Storm.  It's a medium tone shimmer green.  I almost didn't pick this one up thinking it was frosty I'm glad I grabbed it! Lol!

I just couldn't leave it this way so I applied one coat of Eva Supreme Green Glitter.  I picked this one up at Walgreen's.  It's a hexagon glitter in a clear base.  

Going Green Tip: Know that strong smell as you unfold your new vinyl shower curtain? Those are chemicals being released into your air. Choose a More Natural Shower Curtain. When it comes time to replace your shower curtain, look into options made with natural fibers, like cotton, bamboo or hemp linens.
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Today is Earth day! Starbucks:  If you bring in  your travel mug you get a free cup of coffee, enjoy.

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Bundle Monster Plates Have Arrived!!

Just a quick post! If you haven't heard the new plates have arrived!!  They look impressive and there are lots of full plates.  25 plates for 21.99 go here

                                           Click to enlarge
                                            Picture from facebook

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Nubar Spring Garden Collection Swatches

Are you enjoying Spring Time?  I surely am.  There are lots of spring colors to go around.  Nubar has a beautiful collection for us that will take us through an Earthen path of a Spring Garden.

                                         Pink Lily 
Pink Lily:  A lovely pastel pink creme.

one coat of Dewdrop 

Earthen: A light pastel grey creme

one coat of Dewdrop

Baby Sprout
Baby Sprout: light pastel green

one coat of Dewdrop

Blue Hydrangea
Blue Hydrangea: light pastel blue

one coat of Dewdrop

White Peony
White Peony: An off white creme

one coat of Dewdrop

Yellow Primrose 
Yellow Primrose: A Pale yellow creme

one coat of Dewdrop

Purple Aster
Purple Aster: A pale lavender creme

one coat of Dewdrop

Honeysuckle:  A bright bubblegum pink.  Sorry my picture is washed out.  Wrong setting on camera.  It's much more deeper.

one coat of Dewdrop...Still Honeysuckle is a little more deeper.

This collection was fun and will be great in your collection if you like pastels.  My favorite is Yellow Primrose because I don't own any really pale yellows.  My absolute favorite is Honeysuckle because it's jell-ish!  All the rest are cremes and they are streaky.  The best way to apply streaky polish 2 thin coats, then a thick coat and let dry between each coat.

Dewdrop is a multi-glitter in a clear base that gives each one a fun look.

These are available at

These were sent to me for review

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