Friday, 29 July 2011

Milani Limited Edition High Speed Fast Dry Swatches/Review

Good Morning,

Wouldn't it be nice if all of our polishes we own were one coaters?  That means you can do a quick mani and be out the door in know time.  Milani has some in there new LE Summer Collection.

                      Instantaneous Blue

This is a gorgeous glass Fleck blue.  It has pink flecks in it but it does not show up on the nail.  For me I had to use 3 coats to cover tips of my nails.  For you shorties you will need 2 coats.  This one was not a one coater. 

Hot Pink Frenzy

A bright pink creme but not a neon.  This was a one coater but I like to use at least two coats (it's a habit)

No topcoat was used on these.  They did not dry in 60 seconds like they claim to. I love the new pro-wide brush.  I do like the formula on these and this collection has some pretty colors.  I haven't seen this collection at CVS or Walgreen's.  Milani's are starting to become distinct in my area.  I hope you can find them.  Go ahead and pick up a few.

New Limited Edition High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Formula Nail Lacquer – fast and luxurious, to get you on the GO – their new flat brush for fast and flawless application that dries in 60 seconds. For an additional pop of color use Milani’s High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Formula Nail Lacquers for extreme shine and electrifying nails. These high voltage bright pigments are available in eight high fashion shades and great for the summer season!

Available Shades: Purple Rush, Instantaneous Blue, Racy Green, Fast Fuchsia, Jiffy Orange, Violet Dash, Yellow Whiz, & Hot Pink Frenzy.

(The ones I swatched were sent to me for review)

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Frankening: Crushed Ice

Good Morning Nail Beautiquers,

After seeing lots and lots of pictures of Lynnderella's Snow Angel I wanted it badly.  I wasn't able to buy it when she had it and several others up for sale.  So, I thought I could franken my own.  It's not quite like Snow Angel but I love it and I can call it my very own.  (hugs crushed Ice)

I used base coat Sally Hansen Nail Quencher, two coats of Essie Marshmallow ( I love this stuff) one and a  half of Crushed Ice then my favorite fast dry top coat Seche Vite.

These are the items I used:

The nail jewels are the large Hexagon White Glitter.  I used Confetti Tiara which can be purchased at CVS. 

Tell me what you think do you like it?

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wish for Hope With CND

Wish for Hope With CND

July 2011 - Every October, people all over the world come together to celebrate and give strength to brave women fighting breast cancer. To embrace the spirit of unity, wear your pride on your fingers and toes with CND's Pink Wishes Colour & Effects Duo.

Pink Wishes Colour & Effects Duo

Pink Wishes Colour, a cotton-candy pink, layers beautifully with Pink Wishes Effect for a sweet, pale pink pearlescent sheen. Includes a .33 fl oz bottle of Pink Wishes Colour and a .33 fl oz bottle of Pink Wishes Effect.

Suggested retail price: $20.00 US / $25.00 Canada

Available for a limited time only in salons and professional beauty supply stores. For locations, visit .

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Pink Wednesday: Two OPI's And A Little Crack

Good Morning,

Today is pink Wednesday. I was looking through my stash and realized I don't have very many pinks.  Just last week or so I picked up two pinks from OPI Nice Stems Collection.  Be A Dahlia Won't You and I Lilly Love You.  In my opinion I thought these were the winners in the collection.  

Be A Dehlia Won't You is a shimmering foil fuchsia Pink.  It really shines on the nail.  I Lily Love You is truly amazing.  It has multi flakies and glitter in a tinted clear pink base.  It is excellent for a gradient mani and so easy to do as you see on my ring finger.  I need to do a full gradient mani with this.  I love it so much I bought a backup bottle. Lol! *-*

On my dominant hand I wanted to see what Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat: Fuchsia Shock would look like.  I am so pleased with it.  It's very subtle which would be perfect for those that aren't into the crackle phase.  Will have to do a full many with the crackle as well.

I hope you didn't mind all the pictures.  What pink are you wearing today? 

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dr's Remedy Hot Hot Hot Summer Shades Swatches And Review

Good Morning,

Dr's Remedy Hot Hot Hot Summer 2011 Collection : Five fabulous, terrifically-on-trend shades of Enriched Nail Polish.

                            Lovely Lavender
A pale purple with matt depth and charm.  It's a fabulous dusty purple creme that I love so much! It's my favorite in this collection.  Used 2 coats.

Glee Gold
A shimmer infused coin of perfection.  There are various colors of shimmer shown from the bottle silver, gold and green but not so visible on the nail.  Used 3 coats

Tranquil Tangerine
A bold, but wonderfully wearable, slice of juicy delight.  Put on your sunglasses I don't want to blind you! This is a bright beautiful golden shimmery orange.  Used 2 coats 

Bold Baby Blue
An aqua meets turquoise take on every boy's favorite color.  Silvery blue tone which looks almost like a foil on the nail.  Used 2 coats

Nurture Nude Pink
A delicate, damsel in distress barely there beautiful.  This is a great polish to wear going on a job interview or if your not in the mood for any color.  From the bottle it has a flash of pink shimmer but not shown on the nail.  Used 2 coats 

The formula on these are good and easy to apply. I wish there was a green in this collection.    

These are available for $17 online at  

These were sent to me for review

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Blue Monday, Essie Smooth Sailing

Good Morning,

Hope you had a great weekend.  Was it hot enough for you? Lol! (hands you a bottle of ice cold water)  I haven't done a blue monday in a while and I'm happy to do so today.   I have on Essie Smooth Sailing from the Color Me Braziliant Summer 2011 Collection.  I am in love with this polish ya'll.   It's a perwinkle blue which has shimmery colors of teal, purple and silver.  It glistens and sparkles.  Excellent formula and only needed two coats for great coverage.

If you don't have this polish I suggest you to get it especially if you are a blue lover like me.

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Milani Nailart Purple Outline

Good Morning,

I heard the Atlantis Sonic Boom this morning.  Cape Canaveral is 55 miles away from Orlando.  I was getting ready for work when it landed it was so loud and thunderest I thought it landed in my back yard. Lol!

I am so excited this morning to show you this idea that I got from Makeupalley/nailcare.  I've had these bottles for so long and now decided to empty them into a nail polish bottle.  It's so gorgeous, it's definitely going on my top 20 list.  Milani Purple Outline is a one coater but of course I used two coats.  It sparkles fuchsia and blue fine glitter shimmer in a purple creme base.  I took lots of picture on this one *-*

This is what it looks like without top dries to a satin finish

Here are the empty nailart bottles

...but once topcoat is applied. Ooh La La!!

If you see this fabulous Nailart colour I suggest you to pick up a couple of bottles.  

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pink Wednesday...Something Sweet

Good Morning,

I have another Cosmetic Arts nail lacquer for you.  It's such a soft sweet pink makes me think of a baby's blanket.  The finish is a creme a little streaky.  I used three coats.  Geesh, I wish I knew the name of this one.

I don't know if I should show you the next pictures.  I thought China Glaze Crackle Haute Metal would go nicely with this sweet pink.  Silly me forgot to shake up the bottle really well before applying it.  Oh, well this is how it turned out. Lol! 

It didn't even crack looks like a marbling of some sort

After mixing up well I applied again on my left hand.  It turned out much better.  On one hand I like it then again I don't care for it very much.  For some odd reason certain colors my camera turn my hands really  dark.  I don't know what's wrong with it lately.  When I adjust the setting the polish is washed out.  I adjust it again my hands are dark.  Any tips you can give me is well appreciated. *-*

I have the whole set of the China Glaze Crackle Metals.  I favor the creme-y ones over the metals.

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