Thursday, 22 March 2012

Nubar Polka Dots Swatches and Review

I love to hear when Nubar comes out with a new collection.  I was elated when the Polka Dot collection was announced.  This cute little collection is a must have in my opinion because you can layer these on just about any color you so desire.  Bored with a plain color.  Just put on a coat or two of either the white or black dots.  Also you can use both at the same time to make a pretty manicure come alive.  These are really fun!

White Polka Dot: Used 1 coat

Here I applied 2 coats of White Polka Dot.  Still didn't get very many of the larger glitter pieces on my nails. 

White Polka Dot: The promo says, Fine holographic glitter and small white hexagonal glitter in a clear base.  I don't see where the glitter is holographic. Maybe it is out in the sun. 


Black Polka Dot:  Used 1 coat

Here I applied 2 coats of Black Polka Dot.  You get lots of the large hexagons glitter pieces effortlessly.

Black Polka Dot: The promo says, Fine black glitter and small black hexagonal glitter in a clear base.  


Here 1 coat of each Black and White Polka Dot

Green: Nubar Vogue Vert from the Polished Chic Collection. 2 coats

Like I said before this is a fun collection to have so go and purchase it you won't be disappointed.

These were sent for review  

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