Friday, 15 July 2011

Your nails are not tools

Always use rubber gloves, when working with chemicals, water and while doing your household chores .  That's right even if you wash your dishes by hand please wear your rubber gloves.  You don't have to buy yellow ones anymore there are so many pretty ones you can purchase. 

Gardening--Scratch your nails across a bar of soap to create a coat on the underside of your nails. When gardening is done, use a nailbrush to remove soap and dirt. Gardening gloves are most helpful when pulling weeds and working in the garden.

 Roses--These are great for working with any thorny bushes.  Not only to protect your nails but will protect your hands. Ouch!

Remember the cartoon Dexter's Laboratory (1996-2003)...his mom wore gloves all the time. I love that cartoon. Lol! :)  We work to hard to have lovely nails and we don't want them breaking.  So, remember wear your gloves.

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