Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Garnet Red

I love going to the nail supply stores and finding odd brands that are not so popular or well known.  It goes to show you don't have to shell out lots of dollars to have a nice collection.  This brand Verity has lots of colors and so far the ones I purchased are all jellies.  Can't get any better then that!  Have you heard of this brand?  Oh and the price can't be beat $1.00 ya'll. 

Red Garnet is a red base burgundy jelly.  When I run out of ideas on what to put on I ask dear hubby and he always say "something wine or burgundy".  This time I listened. Lol! Like I said Red Garnet is a squishy jelly.  I used 3 coats.  My pictures don't give this lovely polish justice it's much more deeper in real life.

My nails aren't in good shape these days.  My index fingernail broke down to the quick.  I'm glad it didn't affect my hyponychium problem if so it would have been painful.

I need to get some biotin so my nails can start back growing. 

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