Thursday, 11 October 2012

My OPI Black Shatter Dried Out!....Say What??

Hi Everyone,

About a week ago my daughter wanted to borrow another bottle of polish.  She's been doing this quite often lately.  She showed me her bottle of OPI Black Shatter and said "It dried out and I only used it once".  I couldn't believe the looks of it.  All dried out!  I've heard other ladies on makeupalley mentioned their crackle polishes dried out but so far mine are okay.

Looks like one big chunk
After shaking the bottle there are several pieces.  Poor brush looks like it's trapped. Lol!
A piece was stuck to the brush
So what did I do?  I told my daughter no problem I'll fix it right up.  I added in some Beauty Secrets nail polish thinner (from Sally's).  Shaked the bottle so hard until I could hear the beads rattle which now I should have carpal tunnel. 
All fixed up right?'s only half of bottle of product and it was only used once.
After opening look...
The brush is even worse then before.  I gave it a test on my nail with the wonky brush. 
No cracks and the product was bumpy.
 The product thickened back up again.  I added in more thinner.   I was determined to fix it.  So what did I do. Lol!  I added in some Zoya Remove+ I know I'm not suppose to add this and I know it would not crack now.  But, The consistency turned out great. 
The next day I applied it to my nail again and of course it didn't crack but the formula was much thinner after adding in some remover.  (guys I was determined to make this polish work some how)
After drying I took my cleanup brush dipped it in remove+ and patted over it removing some of the black crackle or now black polish, put a layer of topcoat over it and I was very surprised...
I think it looks like OPI Black Spotted was applied to my nail.   I have to do a full mani,  I'm loving the look.  What do you guys think?
Since adding thinner failed to bring the crackle back with only half a bottle of product and a wonky brush I emailed OPI,  they emailed me back stating to make sure the lid is on tight when not in use.  (Of course it was on tight OPI).  They offered to send me out a new bottle and my daughter was happy.
If your bottle of Black Shatter or any of your shatters dried out just contact OPI and they may send you out a new bottle too.

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)

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