Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cheeky Stamping Nail Art Summer Collection Review

Hi Everyone,

I have Cheeky's  Summer Collection stamping image plates to show you.  I tried taking pictures of each individual plate but my camera did not want to corporate for some reason making all of them turn out blurry...boo, sorry guys. 

 This set has 25 plates CH30 thru CH55 full size and single designs.  Lots of theme designs too.  The plates are larger in diameter comparing to their previous set.  This is a fun collection set and I just love how Cheeky thought of the brilliant idea on the packaging....Super cute.

                                Front of box
Cheeky Summer Collection
cute little box
Back of box
Cheeky Summer Collection

                              Inside the box
Cheeky Summer Collection

The cute little card that comes with the set
Cheeky Summer Collection

Other side of card
Cheeky Summer Collection
Sign your name and you are an official Cheeky Chick

Each plate has blue plastic coating for protection that must be removed before using and Cheeky's website is on the back of the plates.
Cheeky Summer Collection

I did a subtle stamping using plate CH33 leaves design.

I used the plastic covering from the plate balling it up and dabbing it in all the colors, (works really well)  then stamped on the leaves using Sinful Colors, Super Nova from the metallic collection.  Easy peasy.
I'm excited to use these plates in my nailart designs....more to come
Cheeky Summer Collection can be purchased at www.cheeky-beauty.com and I believe you can purchase them from amazon.
*Cheeky product sent for review*  

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)

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