Tuesday, 30 October 2012

LCN "Colour Me Up" Collection Swatches and Review

LCN Colour Me Up Collection comes in a cube box of 4 colours.  These are fun to play with!

LCN Colour Me Up Collection
    From left to right: Colour Me Up,  Spice Up Your LifeFanappleistic, Some Like It Hot

  The formula is good requiring 2 coats. 
Starting from the left:
  • Some Like It Hot - A bright coral creme with red undertones. This colour is really pretty.
  • Fanappleistic - A bright apple green creme.  It's buttery and opaque.  The name is cute. 
  • Spice Up Your Life - An orange creme it's juicy and vibrant. 
  • Colour Me Up - Ha Ha, The name of the collection and it's different then the others.  A dark purple with gold shimmer. 

    Here are so fun designs using all the colors...
    LCN Colour Me Up Collection
    Spice of your life is peaking behind Fanappleistic
    Starting at the top index finger base Colour Me Up, I used the rest of the colours using small pieces of plastic wrap dabbing them on.  Middle finger base Spice up your life, I stamp on a design using Fanappleistic which stamped very well.  Ring finger base Fanappleistic I stamped on flowers using Colour Me Up it too stamped very well.  Last but not least pinkie finger base Some like it hot, I added on dots. (stamping plate cheeky ch44)  

    LCN Colour Me Up Collection
    LCN Colour Me Up Collection
    LCN Colour Me Up Collection
    LCN Colour Me Up Collection
    Overall:  Love all the colors, great formula and the bonus is that you can stamp with some of them as I have shown you.
     LCN polishes are available on their website and it's $29.90 for the collection or $7.50 for each bottle. Each bottle is a mini size at only 8ml
    *LCN products sent for review

    Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)

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