Sunday, 15 April 2012

More Sneak Peek from Bundle Monster

Bundle Monster is having fun with us showing us upcoming stamping plates from time to time.  I'll admit it's fun and exciting. I'm liking the ones that have been shown thus far.   Here are two more...

The chicks and mushroom is so cute

At first I didn't know why there were two smile face images. It was explained to me that the first one is an outline and the bottom one is a fill in.  Then I was wondering what are the arm like things sticking out from the bottom faces.  Again it was explained that if you cover your fingers over the bottom faces you see a large smile face.  Duh, I'm a dork sometimes. Lol!  Also you can stamp them on two fingers side by side put fingers together to get the whole smile face.  I can't wait to do that just have to make sure they are lined up.

Thoughts on these plates?

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