Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Want A Jelly Sammich?

Good Morning,

I have been seeing so many jelly sandwiches on makeupalley lately.  They are so squishy and juicy.  I couldn't wait to do one myself.  For those of you don't know what a jelly sandwich is well it's not bread and jelly Lol!  It's a nail polish technique.  What I did:   First coat I used a jelly textured polish (it's a bright yellow looks like a yellow high lighter....I'm serious! Lol!) I bought it from the flea market just too bad it doesn't  have a name on it but the bottle is lovely.  Please let me know if you own this one and please tell me the name or number on it. Next, I put on two coats of a jelly consistency glitter polish one from the 50 China Glaze specialty glitters.  If you want to know about those glitters click here.  This is where the sandwich comes in.  I took the first unknown name polish and layered over a thin coat to sandwich in the glitter polish China Glaze: Sunshine.  And that's it!  You have your jelly sandwich..

It is sooo bright it just might glow in the dark. Lol!  Here it is....

(Click twice to enlarge to get a closer look)

See all the pretty colored glitters?  Wish my camera took better pictures of my nails.  

I will be doing more Jelly Sammiches they are so fun.  Have you tried this technique?

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