Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I Spy lots of good things!!

Hello Nail Beautiquers,

I always try to take my camera with me at all times.  You just never know what you may find.  On my way to work I stopped by a Walgreen's that's literally up the street from me.  I like this Walgreen's because it's open 24 hrs.  Here are some collections that I found.  I didn't purchase anything....at least not yet. Lol! *-*

When I saw this New Milani set  my eyes bugged out. Lol!  I haven't seen a new Milani Collection in a few years.  When I first glanced at it I thought it was a collection of Krackles...(notice how they spelled it) I said to myself Milani has jumped on the crack wagon.  It's a beautiful set of 6 shimmers and a black Krackle.  Notice how they demonstrate how to use these.  (cracks me up. Lol!) *-*

When I saw this I shouted Whoa!!  I looked around and glad no one was in the store but little ole me.  (I was there 6am)  Just look at this rack of Cherimoya 2012 Crackles.  There's every color that you can imagine! Let me know if you have tried them.  What colors do you recommend?  It's kinda hard to see the price from the picture, but they are $2.99 each or buy 2 for $5.00...not bad at all *-*  

Sally Hansen has some new colors, they are just your average fall colors.

Here are some new Limited Edition Salon Effects nail polish strips from Sally Hansen.  I'm only interested in the first two.  I wish they didn't cost so much $9.99

(Take a closer look you can click on the pictures to enlarge them)

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