Friday, 22 April 2011

Go Green Friday! Shimmer and Glitter

(Live Green, Love Green, Think Green)

Happy Friday!
Ulta seems to be clearancing out the LASPLASH nail polishes.  They were marked down from $3.99  to $1.99 so you know I had to grab a few.  This line has lots of pretty pretty colors and glitters.  So, if you see them grab as many as you can.  Today, I have on Tropical Storm.  It's a medium tone shimmer green.  I almost didn't pick this one up thinking it was frosty I'm glad I grabbed it! Lol!

I just couldn't leave it this way so I applied one coat of Eva Supreme Green Glitter.  I picked this one up at Walgreen's.  It's a hexagon glitter in a clear base.  

Going Green Tip: Know that strong smell as you unfold your new vinyl shower curtain? Those are chemicals being released into your air. Choose a More Natural Shower Curtain. When it comes time to replace your shower curtain, look into options made with natural fibers, like cotton, bamboo or hemp linens.
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Today is Earth day! Starbucks:  If you bring in  your travel mug you get a free cup of coffee, enjoy.

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