Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I Spy...Big Big Bottles

Have you ever been in a store and you do a double take?  I almost got whiplash. Lol!  Then once I saw them I had to play it cool so everybody in the store didn't think I was NUTS.  I'm telling you I was so excited, Oh Omgoodness! I carry my camera with me all the time (needless to say I forgot to take a picture of the display.) I started grabbing bottles like I had more than 2 hands. I didn't have a basket I started looking around for something to put them in.  Ha, Ha.  I finally came to my senses and realized I can come back to get more.  So, I put some of them back and just picked up 3 of my favorite colors.  You get the picture?  Have you done this?   Here they are:

I know you must be saying "What is so exciting about those?"  Look at the size of these bottles!  They are Hugh.  I have no idea on the size they don't have the fl oz. on them.  I googled the company name and could not find anything about these polishes.  Don't know if they are B3F they don't have a strong smell at least not to me.  I think I am immune to polish smells :D  

I put an OPI bottle next to them for size.  I would say they are the size of  two OPI  bottles. 
(OPI bottle is Paris Couture For Sure Glitter Top Coat)

I got these at a nail supply store.  No names on them. Boo!

(Click pictures to enlarge) 
Look at these glitters, aren't they amazing! Hexagon and ribbon glitter

Here are some swatches on a nail wheel
1 coat
 The green and the purple has ribbon glitter in it 

2 coats
The red glitter in the green isn't showing up to well in the picture but you can definitely see it in real life. 

With 1 coat of Revlon Colorstay Topcoat.  This glitter will eat up some topcoat.
Tip: When this happens just apply a coat or two of Gelous to smooth out. 

That store has a lot more colors. I plan on getting more of these gigantic glitter bottles.

Have you seen these or do you have any?  

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