Monday, 31 January 2011

Blue Monday, Bye Bye Talons, Hello Shorties

Blue Monday By Annie Lee

Good Morning, Can you believe it's the end of the month already?  I was asked were my nails real.  Yes, they are real  I don't wear acrylics or press ons.  I had a couple of breaks so I  had to cut back the talons.  Hello Shorties. Lol!  It's all good though.  I don't mind it.  They always grow back, right.  Polishing is much more quicker for me now. 

I got my OPI Katy Perry Collection.  So, I choose to start with 'Last Friday Night'  Come to find out I have several dupes to this one. Take a look.

 I seriously need to be patient and look over my collection before I buy and check for dupes.  Doesn't it seem like there has been lots of dupes lately?

Here are my shorties and Last Friday Night. 

I used 2 coats, just refused to put on a 3rd.  I should have put on a blue base polish before putting this one on. If I did probably would have gotten away with 1 coat.

Lots of colored glitter, green, blue, yellow & purple

I took lots of  pictures

Black Shatter!!

I love this crackle polish.  It cracks so quickly.  More pictures.

Without topcoat. I thought I polished down to my tips. It must have cracked back. (cracked back. Lol)

Checkout the thumb... funky french shatter

With topcoat Seche Vite

Which do you prefer matted or shiny?

I love it on my shorties!

I hope you like all the pictures. 

So, if you already have the dupes to Last Friday Night you don't need it.  But, you have to get Black Shatter.  I know some of you don't like crackle must give Black Shatter a try.  I think it's pretty cool :D 

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