Wednesday, 16 February 2011

CoverGirl Crackle Boo Hoo!

After playing with Cover Girl's white crackle now it's time for her black crackle.  It's nothing like Black Shatter as you can see.  She cracks totally different.  Black Shatters formula is thicker and cracks or shatters as soon as you lay it down.  Cover Girl takes some some to start and finish cracking.  Since I'm a lover of crackle polishes I love them the same. Oh, and if you're wondering where I got the Cover Girl's I found them at Dollar Tree

 After Finger Paints Dahlia By Number  (From the 'New' Finger Paints Palette Of Petals Collection) dried completely I applied one thin coat of Boo Hoo!  If you want to see Dahlia By Number alone click here 

I think my index finger looks like a lightning bolt

 Photo by colinedwards 

I hope you find some of these crackles.  Did you find other colors?  I want the orange and yellow one.

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