Friday, 25 February 2011

Go Green Friday! Loreal Paris Jade 31F

                         (Live Green, Love Green, Think Green)

It's Go Green Friday! Hope you have a good one.  I found an awesome green polish at dollar tree.  You know the ones in the double packs. It's an oldie but a goodie.  Loreal Paris Jade a blue tone green with gold shimmer. I love this unusual green. The brush is a mile long. Lol!  No application issues being this is an old polish.  That goes to show you nail polish last forever!  If it starts to dry out simple add nail polish thinner.   Used 2 coats.

I really love the gold shimmer in it.  So sparkly out in the sun.

Going Green Tip: Re-use plastic grocery bags remove (ahem!) catbox waste THEN tie bag in knot and THEN pitch; keeps the garbage guys from "fallout" (ick!) and we don't have to buy any bags for that purpose.

Source: The Daily Green

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