Friday, 4 February 2011

Go Green Friday! Don't Mess With OPI/Shatter

(Live Green, Love Green, Think Green)

Good Morning Lovely Nail Beautiquers, I hope you are staying warm and safe.  What is going on with all this bad weather?  In my neck of the woods its nice and warm.   I picked up some of the OPI Texas Collection the other day mainly the Sorbets, that's what OPI is calling them.  Are you getting any from this collection?  Which ones did you pick up?

Take a Look at these 
The one on the left is 'Jade is the new black' from the Hong Kong Collection.  It's a little more blue then 'Don't mess with OPI' from the Texas Collection. They are close but you can see the difference better in real life then what the picture is showing you. 
Don't Mess With OPI makes me think of green grass. I'm ready for spring! What am I complaining about it already feels like spring in O-town.  The formula is buttery smooth.  The first coat was sorta jell-ish or sorbet-ish.  Used 2 coats.

I sure hope you aren't tired of Crackle/Shatter. Lol!  I may use up my entire bottle. 
I applied Black Shatter thick to get the large cracks.
I got so many compliments that my friends thought I painted on a design. This is the easiest design to put on  with little effort.   

                                              Hmm! Looks like marble

Going Green Tip: Don't Rinse - Skip rinsing your plates before putting them into the dishwasher. In average you will save 15 gallons of water per load. Plus, you will save time.


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