Friday, 27 May 2011

"New" Revlon Just Tinted

Good Morning on this Fabulous Friday!  Whoo Who it's going to be a long great weekend *-*

There was alot of talk on MUA/nailboard about Revlon Tints. Me being curious I stopped into Walgreen's after work and found them.  They are $4.99 so I grabbed one.  They rung up at $2.99 I went back and grabbed the other 3 along with the topcoat which was $3.59.  After the Cashier gave me my receipt she handed me a $3.00 off coupon.  She liked them so much so she grabbed 2 for herself and put them behind the counter. Lol!

Revlon Just Tinted is a new collection of 4 juicy colors along with a topcoat.  We call them jellies, OPI call them sorbets and now Revlon is calling them just tinted.  The formula is sheer and thin but buildable.  They dry to a plastic like matte finish.  Once you apply a topcoat they are super shiny.  

Victorian is a bright pink tint. I applied one coat of SH nail quencher hydrating basecoat.  1 coat of Milani smoothe' basecoat.  Then 3 coats of Victorian. You still can see my vnl believe it or not its okay it doesn't bother me.

With Revlon Just Tinted Topcoat

I so would love to have every creme color I own in a finish like this.  It's just something about jellies, sorbets and just tints that I just adore so much!

Here is the untouched display until I got a hold of it
Victorian is the first one...notice there are 4 topcoats  

Are you a jelly fanatic?  

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