Thursday, 26 May 2011

108 Degrees and Pinky Moon

Good Morning,

108 Degrees it sure feels like it here in Florida! Lol!  Well, Before taking it off I layered on Kleancolor Pinky Moon.  It looks like sprinkles landed on my fingers.  This confetti type glitter is irridescent in color and has moon shapes and bar glitter mixed together in a tinted pink base.  I had to fish out the moons and only applied 2 of them on my middle finger.

I layered on 2 coats

The other moon is on the free edge corner...can you see it?

So, when you are bored with your mani just apply some glitter or any layering polish for a new look.

Do you like confetti bar glitter?  Or different shapes...which is your favorite?

Blogger problems:  I'm having trouble signing in and commenting at my home computer but is okay at my job's computer.  I tried to clear my cache and cookies still doesn't work.  I hope this gets fixed soon.  Anyone else having the same issues?

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