Monday, 30 May 2011

SH OverCoat Antique Gold

Good Morning,

It's all about the crackle.  SH Overcoat.  Pretty cleaver of Sally coming up with the name.  I like the square bottle too with the crackle lid.  The prices of these are pretty steep don't you think?  $7.99 Gesh!  Some Walgreen's have them for $6.99 and  Walmart has them priced at $6.24.  The other problem I have with these is the brush...why is the brush sooo tiny?!  It would have been nice if these had the same brushes as the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure ones.

 I like Antique Gold's formula.  The gold is so sparkly.  I haven't tried the others yet.

                                  Antique Gold
I don't think pictures show the true actual prettiness of crackles.  After I applied a topcoat it glistens and shines can't see it in the pictures though.

China Glaze Blue Iguana with SH Antique Gold Crackle

Did you grab any of the Overcoats?  Which ones?  Which ones do you like?

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