Monday, 2 January 2012

Blue Monday, Icing My Blue Heaven

Good Morning,

The other day I had on a beautiful periwinkle shirt that leans on the purple side.  My husband says: "That's a pretty color do you have a polish that color"?  I rambled through my polishes pulled out a few potentials and came up with Icing Blue Heaven.  I heard it's similar to Chanel Blue Boy which I don't have and if it is a close dupe money saved...Yay!  Oh, well it doesn't quite fit the description of periwinkle none the less it's a lovely blue and I'm glad I chose it to wear today.

The formula a jelly creme which I love and wish all my cremes were like it. Easy two coats.

Can you name a perwinkle that I just might have in my stash? What are your thoughts on My Blue Heaven?

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