Monday, 7 November 2011

Mont Bleu: Crystal Glass Nail File Review

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Since we love nail polish and love to polish our nails we need some tools to keep them in shape.  I love using a crystal nail file to shape my natural nails.  Crystal files are so much more gentle on the natural nails then emery boards or files for acrylic nails.   Each and everytime just before removing my nail polish I file my nails lightly just to keep them shape nicely and if I feel I want to cut down on the length  I use my crystal glass file.

This file runs across the free edge of my nails smoothly

I have another crystal file that only one side is usable but, this one you can use both sides, it's durable and usable

Overall, a crystal file should be apart of your staple on the up keep of your nails.   Please check out Mont Bleu  or they ship worldwide.  Also, they have a range of different cosmetic tools, all decorated with Swarovski Crystals and more...

This was sent for review

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