Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Unique and Beautiful Nail Polish Jewelry

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Almost every lady loves Nail Polish and Jewelry am I right!  I sure do. Lol! Well, you can have your favorite nail polish and jewelry all together in one.  I am excited to show you these lovely nail polish necklaces.

This beautiful heart shaped necklace is made with Sinful Colors Nail Junkie. Nail Junkie glistens with glitters of yellow, teal, blue and orange.

This one is NFU Oh #51...this shot was taken out in the sun.  You can see all the beautiful colors 

This is 3 polishes together NFU Oh Nailart Flakies, Clarins 230 and Milani Totally Cool.  It's breath taking!

These and other colors can be purchased at Esty Workshop 760 

They are so light weight you won't know you are wearing them.   Dress them up or down.  You  can wear these lovely  pieces out to dinner or to a movie.  They are also good conversation pieces and would be a nice gift for any lady of any age.  *-*  

Nearly 20 years of jewelry making experience! These nail polish gems have been individually created out of the highest quality nail polishes that are considered to be favorite colors of polish lovers. Each one is polished by hand to high shine and captures the beauty of the nail polish permanently. This is nail polish encased inside a polished resin gem, not just painted on the back of glass or acrylic, they are permanent and water resistant. Each pendant comes with a hand made beaded black necklace.

These were sent for review

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